Welcome to the Listening Gallery. Here you’ll find recent recordings and videos of works that are very dear to me, taken from both studio sessions and live performances. Please take a listen and feel free to share your thoughts.

“forever after” by Hope Lee for solo flute. A film by Mark Mushet. From the album Lutalica, Part One, released on Redshift Records.


“All’aure in una lontananza” by Salvatore Sciarrino for solo alto flute. Performed live on 14 September 2016 at the International Symposium of New Music 2016 in Curitiba, Brazil. Presented by the Grupo de Pesquisa Núcleo Música Nova.

“Sestro Libro di Gesualdo” by Michael Finnissy for flute and violin (with Müge Büyükçelen, violin). World premiere performance, September 27, 2012, presented by Music on Main.


“Arsis and Thesis” by Rodney Sharman for flute and piano (2006). Commissioned and premiered by Tiresias Duo (Mark Takeshi McGregor, flute; Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, piano). From the album Delicate Fires (2007, Redshift Records).

“Delilah” by Michael Oesterle for solo flute. Studio recording, April 2016. Commissioned by Mark Takeshi McGregor with assistance from Canada Council for the Arts.


“Oi Kuu” by Kaija Saariaho for bass flute and cello (with Becky Wenham, cello). Live performance, September 29, 2012, presented by Music on Main.

“Foundry” by Paul Steenhuisen, for solo flute. Live performance, May 23, 2013, presented by Redshift Music Society.


Fantasia in A minor for flute solo, TWV 40:3 by G.P. Telemann, from the album Sins & Fantasies on Redshift Records.

“Vovere” by James Beckwith Maxwell, for solo flute and chamber orchestra (with the Aventa Ensemble)


“Voice” for solo flute by Toru Takemitsu, from the CD “Halos of the Moon”


“Largo e dolce” from the Sonata in b minor, BWV 1030 by J.S. Bach


“Ankoku” for solo alto flute by Jared Schimnosky


“Allemande” from the Partita in a minor, BWV 1013 by J.S. Bach


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