Photo: Lenora Ede


Concertos by Anna Höstman*, Jacques Ibert, W.A. Mozart (G major, D major), Gordon Fitzell*, James Beckwith Maxwell*, Piotr Grella-Mozejko*, Carl Nielsen, Kaija Saariaho (Terrestre for solo flute and chamber ensemble), Farshid Samandari*, and Antonio Vivaldi (C+ piccolo concerto, RV 443)

Solo Flute

Pedro Alvarez – De Mares Imaginados

Murray Adaskin* – Vocalise

CPE Bach – Sonata in a-minor

JS Bach – Partita in a-minor, BWV 1013

Luciano Berio – Sequenza I

Matthew Bieniek – Derosion i & ii

Dániel Péter Biró* – Kivrot Ha Ta’ava for bass flute**

Eugene Bozza – Image

Gerard Brophy – Nymphe-Echo-Morphologique

Philip Brownlee – Harakeke

Jennifer Butler* – Four Directions

Kirsten Carlson* – Model-Deviation

Elliot Carter – Scrivo in Vento

Stephen Chatman* – Wild Cat

Dorothy Chang* – Wrath **

Claude Debussy – Syrinx

Paul M. Douglas* – Yong

Paul M. Douglas* – Deux Souvenirs (Aegina & Yskola)

Nirmali Fenn – Scratches of the Wind, for alto flute

Brian Ferneyhough – Cassandra’s Dream Song

Brian Ferneyhough – Carceri d’Invenzione IIb

Brian Ferneyhough – Superscriptio, for solo piccolo

Brian Ferneyhough – Unity Capsule

Graham Flett* – Stratus and Shale

Kazuo Fukushima – Mei

Kazuo Fukushima – Requiem

Gonçalo Gato – A Walk in the Countryside

Sofia Gubaidulina – Sonatina

Brian Harman* – Surface

Paul Hindemith – Eight Pieces

Etsuko Hori – Tamazusa for solo piccolo

Toshio Hosokawa – Vertical Song I

Jacques Ibert – Pièce pour flûte seule

André Jolivet – Cinq Incantations

Kaiyi Kao – Jingzhe

Emilie LeBel* – Hiraeth**

Grace Lee* – Waves of Waterfall

Hope Lee* – forever after

Ellen Lindquist – Nakoda

James Beckwith Maxwell* – invidere **

Jocelyn Morlock* – “L” for solo alto flute **

Jocelyn Morlock* – Velour for solo alto flute **

Carl Nielsen – The Children Are Playing

Andres Nordentoft – Turmalin

Gregory Lee Newsome* – avarice **

Michael Oesterle* – Delilah **

Barbara Pentland* – Sonatina for solo flute

Nova Pon* – Wrenegade**

Benton Roark* – Untitled **

Jeffrey Ryan* – Yūrei **

Joseph Rogers – Plane for flute, alone **

Joseph Rogers – Assemblage for flute, alone **

Kaija Saariaho – Laconisme de l’aile

Farshid Samandari* – Apogee **

Farshid Samandari* – Nuclide **

Alfredo Santa Ana* – Notgnirrac**

Jared Schimnosky* – Ankoku **

Salvatore Sciarrino – Allaure in una Lontananza

Salvatore Sciarrino – L’Orizzonte Luminoso di Aton

Rodney Sharman* – Weissherbst

Natalia Solomonoff – en cueros**

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Ypsilon for solo flute

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Tierkreis

Toru Takemitsu – Voice

Toru Takemitsu – Air

Toru Takemitsu – Itinerant

Georg Phillip Telemann – Fantasias

Gilles Tremblay* – Envol

Owen Underhill* – Three Reflections on Pride **

Edgard Varèse – Density 21.5

Chun-Ju Yen – Invisible Wings

*denotes Canadian composer

** written for/commissioned/premiered by Mark Takeshi McGregor

Flute and Electronics

Dániel Péter Biró* – Kivrot Ha Ta’ava for bass flute and electronics**

André Cormier* – Piling Sand/Piling Stone IV (for flute and Max-MSP)**

Dai Fujikura – Poison Mushroom

Keith Hamel* – Krishna’s Flute, for flute and electronics

Yota Kobayashi* – Tensho **

Yota Kobayashi* – Duo Augmented for flute, clarinet, and live electronics

Nicole Lizée* – Tarantino Études for bass flute and glitch **

Gregory Lee Newsome* – Ambitus for alto flute and electronics**

Luigi Nono – A Pierre. Dell’azzurro silenzio, inquietum

James O’Callaghan* – Doubt is a Way of Knowing** for flute and electronics

James O’Callaghan* – Is Doubt a Way of Knowing?** for two flutes and electronics

Kaija Saariaho – Noa Noa, for flute and electronics

Rodney Sharman* – Towards White

Stefan Smulovitz* – Stutter **

Barry Truax* – Steam

Kimia Koochakzadeh Yazdi – Displacement II for bass flute, bass clarinet, and tape

Flute and Percussion

John Baker* – Essay No. 2 **


Ingolf Dahl – Duettino Concertante

Craig Day* – Water Garden **

Dubravko Pajalic* – Iyr **

Astor Piazzolla – Histoire du Tango

Christopher Reiche* – Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife

Benton Roark* – Your Letter, At Last

Farshid Samandari* – Coming Home **

*denotes Canadian composer

** written for/commissioned/premiered by Mark Takeshi McGregor

Flute and Keyboard

CPE Bach – Hamburger Sonata

JS Bach – Sonatas, complete

Michel Blavet – Sonatas, various

Pierre Boulez – Sonatine

Annette Brosin – Drinnen (for bass flute and piano)

Jennifer Butler* – For Dreams of Things Which Cannot Be **

John Cage – Two, for flute and piano

Derek Charke* – Distant Voices I & II

Justin Christensen* – This is fun for me, even if you don’t think it is **

Aaron Copland – Duo for Flute and Piano

Jean Coulthard* – Lyric Sonatina

Jean Coulthard* – Where the Trade Winds Blow

François Couperin – Concerts Royaux

Claude Debussy – Bilitis

Franz Doppler – Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy

Henri Dutilleux – Sonatine

Shane Fage* – five different words used to describe…. snow

Gabriel Fauré – Fantaisie

César Franck – Sonate

Kazuo Fukushima – Ekagra for alto flute and piano

Phillipe Gaubert – Fantaisie

Anthony Genge* – Kasa: Halo of the Moon

Srul Irving Glick* – Sonata

G.F. Haendel – Sonatas, complete

Brian Harman* – Stir **

Paul Hindemith – Sonata

Paul Hindemith – Echo

Jacques-Martin Hotteterre – Suites in G Major, D major and c minor

Guoping Jia – Hovering Over a Field Without Borders

André Jolivet – Chant de Linos

Mauricio Kagel – Phantasiestück

Jo Kondo – Walk

Chris Kovarik* – Sonata for flute and piano **

Simon Martin* – Musique d’art pour flûte et piano **

Bohuslav Martinu – Sonata

James Beckwith Maxwell* – ruduo**

Olivier Messiaen – Le Merle Noir

Jared Miller* – Lenny **

Jocelyn Morlock* – I conversed with you in a dream **

Alexander Pechenyuk* – In Petto **

Barbara Pentland* – Trance

Francis Poulenc – Sonata

Sergei Prokofiev – Sonata in D major

Carl Reinecke – Sonata “Undine” Op. 167

Carl Reinecke – Ballade Op. 288

Jeffrey Ryan* – My Soul Upon My Lips **

Robert Schumann – Drei Romanzen

Rodney Sharman* – Arsis and Thesis **

Hiroki Tsurumoto* – Murmur

Claude Vivier* – Pièce pour flûte et piano

Elliot Weisgarber* – The Miyako Sketches

Charles Marie Widor – Suite

*denotes Canadian composer

** written for/commissioned/premiered by Mark Takeshi McGregor

Chamber Works

Hans Abrahamsen – Winternacht

JS Bach – Trio Sonatas BWV 1038, 1039 & 1079 (from the Musical Offering)

Rose Bolton* – To the Birds and Animals of the World, for ten flutes

Gerard Brophy – breathless for three flutes and piano

Pierre Boulez – Derive I

Pierre Boulez – le Marteau sans maître

Jennifer Butler* – Stay Struggling for three flutes

Jennifer Butler* – Sky for ten flutes **

Jennifer Butler* – With this Breath for ten flutes

Kirsten Carlson* – We Are Still One for ten flutes

Derek Charke* – Cross-Talk for ten flutes

André Cormier* – Infections

André Cormier* – tous facteurs étant égaux pour chœur de dix flûtes **

Jean Coulthard* – Shelley Portrait

George Crumb – Vox Balinae for electric flute, electric cello and electric piano

Claude Debussy – Sonata for flute, viola and harp

Claude Debussy – Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (Sachs arrangement for 11 players)

Franz Doppler – Andante and Rondo for two flutes and piano

Franz Doppler – Fantasy on American Themes for two flutes and piano

Tudor Feraru* – Flautissimo, for four flutes

Tudor Feraru* – Repercussions for ten flutes **

Brian Ferneyhough – Flurries

Michael Finnissy – Casual Nudity

Michael Finnissy – Mercy & Mankind, for flute and violin **

Michael Finnissy – Sesto Libro di Gesualdo, for flute and violin **

Yvonne Gillespie* – Continuosity for chamber ensemble

Emily Hall* – Quiver, for flute, clarinet and bass clarinet

Mark Haney* – 3339

Peter Hatch* – Dulcian Patterns

Anna Höstman* – Divertissement, for ten flutes **

Klaus Ib Jørgensen – Moon Pain for soprano and chamber ensemble

Chris Kovarik* – Dectet, for flutes **

Chris Kovarik* – Dectet No. 2, “Petulant Butterflies”, for ten flutes **

György Ligeti – Kammerkonzert

Nicole Lizée* – Ouijist ** for alto flute, violin (doubling Omnichord), double bass, percussion, and electronic “spectres”

Gustav Mahler – Songs of a Wayfarer (Schoenberg arrangement for chamber ensemble)

Laura Manolache – Thinking Eden for flute, piano and percussion

James Maxwell* – charis for flute, clarinet and cello

James Maxwell* – diffusus, for alto flute solo and nine flutes **

Christopher Mayo* – A Breakfast for Barbarians

Gregory Lee Newsome* – coruscating, for ten flutes **

Jordan Nobles* – Watermap for ten flutes **

Jordan Nobles* – Hive for ten flutes **

Michael Oesterle* – Urban Canticle

Colin Pridy* – Triune Balance for chamber ensemble

Marci Rabe* – Trio for alto flute, French horn and bass clarinet

Marci Rabe* – Different Stones for ten flutes **

Benton Roark – Invocation of Aeolius, for ten flutes **

Benton Roark – Songs from the Rainshadow’s Edge

Kaija Saariaho – Lichtbogen

Kaija Saariaho – Mirrors for flute and cello

Kaija Saariaho – Oi Kuu for bass flute and cello

Alfredo Santa Ana* – On Fairness, for flute, violin and cello

Arnold Schoenberg – Pierrot Lunaire, op. 21

Rodney Sharman* – Gilding the Lily for soprano, tenor, flute and piano

Rodney Sharman* – Moments for chamber ensemble

Rodney Sharman* – Dedication, for soprano and flute

Bent Sørensen – The Weeping White Room

Jane Stanley – Helix Reflection, for flute and clarinet

Simon Steen Andersen – In spite of, and maybe even therefore

Igor Stravinsky – Octet for winds

Toru Takemitsu – Masque for two flutes

Gilles Tremblay* – Solstices

Rolf Wallin – Age of Wire and String

Carl Winter* – Sub-Infinity #2, for ten flutes

Wind Quintets

(flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn)

Claude Arrieu, John Baker*, Samuel Barber, Elsa Barraine, Luciano Berio (Opus Zoo), Jennifer Butler*, A.K. Coope (Operamania)*, Rick Covey*, Paquito D’Rivera, Tudor Feraru*, Irving Fine, Jean Françaix (sextet, with bass clarinet), Jacques Hétu*, Paul Hindemith, Leos Janácek (Mladi sextet, with bass clarinet), Chris Kovarik*, György Ligeti (Ten Pieces and Six Bagatelles), Colin MacDonald*, James Beckwith Maxwell*, Carl Nielsen, Jordan Nobles*, Francis Poulenc (sextet, with piano), Benton Roark (B-sides, with piano), Joseph Rogers, Rodney Sharman*, Karlheinz Stockhausen (Adieu and Rotary), Endre Szervánsky, Justinian Tamasuza, Ludwig Thuille (sextet, with piano) and Claude Vivier* (Pulau Dewata for wind quintet and piano).

*denotes Canadian composer

** written for/commissioned/premiered by Mark Takeshi McGregor

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