Sins & Fantasies CD

Sins & Fantasies cover image
Sins & Fantasies cover image

This may seem like a strange post to make on December 24th, but timing has never been one of my strong points. Last night Sins & Fantasies arrived on my doorstep — three boxes full! To clarify: Sins & Fantasies is a CD recording I made this past summer, featuring new works for solo flute by Canadian composers, each inspired by one of the Seven Deadly Sins. This album includes premiere recordings by Dorothy Chang (Wrath), Gregory Lee Newsome (Avarice), Owen Underhill (Pride), Jocelyn Morlock (Lust), James Beckwith Maxwell (Envy), Benton Roark (Sloth), and my own composerly debut with Gluttony. The programme is rounded out with a handful of solo Fantasias by the Baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1776). These little gems of the 18th century provide the perfect counterpoint to the Seven Deadlies, which take the listener on a virtuosic and demented (and occasionally hilarious) tour of humanity’s underbelly. The recording and editing was done by Vancouver’s monster technician, Don Harder, the design by the amazing Simon Butler, and the album released on Redshift Records. I’m extraordinarily thankful to the Canada Council for the Arts for their amazing support of this project. Below are a couple excerpts from the new album: an excerpt from invidere by James Beckwith Maxwell and Telemann’s Fantasia in D major. Merry merry & Happy happy!

Track listing page from Sins & Fantasies
Track listing page from Sins & Fantasies

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