Verdigris by Jocelyn Morlock


I’ve had this piece going through my head for weeks now — it feels nice to be able to share it. The composer Jocelyn Morlock is someone whose music I’m constantly returning to. The beauty, melancholy, and consoling nature of this piece in particular — Verdigris, for alto flute and guitar — are things I’m particularly wanting these days. I’m truly thankful for my duo partner, Adrian Verdejo, for recording the piece with me; Jordan Nobles, for shooting the video so beautifully for us; and Piotr Wieczorek for his audio wizardry. 

This video was made possible thanks to support from Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia. I’m also very thankful for a microgrant provided by the BC Arts Council, which will allow Adrian and I to create more videos throughout the summer. 

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  1. Very beautiful, haunting and rich. Lovely to hear this! The physical setting was perfect too!

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