ROAM: music & food with Music on Main

This past weekend (January 17th to be precise) I was asked to participate in a most unusual event: Music on Main teamed up with Here There to present ROAM at the Juice Truck (which is, I was somewhat relieved to learn, an indoor venue). I was asked to present a handful of solo works (I chose Bach and Takemitsu) alongside a performance of Hildegard Westerkamp‘s beautiful electroacoustic work “Kits Beach Soundwalk”, and chef Annabelle Choi created a three course meal inspired by the music. It was fascinating to see (and taste!) how someone might interpret these pieces through food. Choi’s dishes — spiced persimmons, goat cheese tapioca, and ginger tuile for the Takemitsu; butternut squash & chickpea falafels for the Bach; and a seaweed Miyoek soup with mussels for the Westerkamp — were all as delicious as they were inventive. Some photos below, courtesy of Grady Mitchell.

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